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When will the sense prevail?

I got a call past week from one of my college buddies to invite me for his wedding. I was pleasantly surprised, no wonder huh? When most of my classmates are after the coveted MS or the sacrosanct MBA he was more pleased to get married. The plans for Masters of most of my classmates was confirmed when i called another guy to ask if he was coming to the wedding. Over the conversation he asked me if i was planning for any ‘higher studies’. This triggered a series of thoughts that I’ll put it in here.

My first response: I think i have studied too much already for the kind of work i got to do.

Then i told him, considering the work on multimedia audio/video codecs and signal processing stuff didn’t require the 4 years of ‘real world education‘ i got, then what would it take to carry out the numerous .NET, JAVA and the typical IT jobs? 7th standard pass or at best 10th.

Then he cautiously moved to the question of making more money. Wouldn’t doing Masters mean more money?

I would have been richer if i were to put up a tea shop in Bangalore. Yup, i would be robbing people in the day light with my tea shop in the unblemished and coveted mall on the street down the road, with a zillion potholes, by charging them at least a hundred bucks for coffee or tea. There would be many morons who would be more than happy to hand over some tips in the end, for the service.

Design engineers, DSP engineers, Project managers, and many others would be more than happy to shell out the peanuts they get, for their degrees of higher studies, in a tea shop just to check out the pretty and not-so-pretty ‘chics’ over a weekend. This happens even though they are with their girlfriend or wife. By putting up a tea shop there i could check all of them out on all days of the week, unlike them, and also get paid for it. Sounds ironical huh? The exception in the case of those who fly abroad to hatch their eggs is that they’d be paying tips in a tea shop to a sultry Caucasian waitress, ogling over them.

I just am surprised how people are falsely fascinated about higher education as a means to more money, and a false sense of superiority over the other lesser mortals. This being substantially supported in the hiring techniques of the various companies. When..

P.S.: The classmate of mine who i talked to was the one who suggested me to put this up on my blog. So this is for Radhesh.

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