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Beyond the usual,

How far would i go into the unknown?

With broken dreams,

Where do i run away from here?


Thoughts prevail to haunt,

Where do i find solace?

Drive of the destiny overcomes freewill

How can i hide me from myself?


Can’t seem to resurrect,

needing a revival

I’m heading nowhere,

Why do i wander here?


It is right that one can write poem only when emotional. This is my third, after Spid and Looking for.. Just for kicks, and some solace.

I’m totally stressed, not able to adequately comment on others’ blogs. I’m thinking of taking a break from blogging as the hits near 25,000 in less than 10 months. My first blog this, i started writing only to keep my mind off from something. Never expected to write something people would find worth reading. Thanks for featuring me thrice on Bangalore Mirror. Thanks to the reporter from NDTV for getting my blog featured on TV. A big hug for all the readers out here.

I’ll be back!

Current Mood: Stressed

Current Music: Anisutide yaako from Mungaaru Malhe

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1GB is enough!

Sony NW-E003F walkman music player

About two years back i bought my first portable music player Sony NW-E003F that has a capacity of 1GB with a small single line display. I have listened to music on variety of devices as i have mentioned in one of my previous post.

I see ipods with varients, zunes and other music players everyday with 80GB or more memory. They also seem to have a good sized LCD screen. Even today, I don’t see myself needing over 1GB of songs at anytime, and don’t understand why people need over 80GB of songs, duplicated in their computer hard disk as well as in their music players.

This is how i listen music:

  • Pick a few hundred favorite songs, latest songs included.
  • Upload that to my music player from my desktop.
  • Listen to them a few times over and over for the next couple of months, till you get bored of these songs.
  • Then, repeat the cycle.

Why wouldn’t i like to have an 80GB music player? First, i will not really be enjoying listening to all the 25,000 songs in the player. Instead of hitting the ‘next’ key many a times before i hear the tune of my favorite song i would rather like to listen to the songs i like, in succession. With over 200 songs in 1GB i would hit ‘Next’ some 2-3 times everyday, how many time i’d have to press Next if i had 80GB of songs? 80 * 3 = 240 times!

This also has another disadvantage. The more i skip the songs that i don’t like much, the more the battery is drained. This would reduce the playback time of the player. So, i would be getting less than 25% of the specified playback time. Also, the big LCD screen hogs too much of battery as well every time you happen to strike a key.

My Sony player also comes with an FM tuner which i hardly tune in to as i have all my favorite songs in 1GB. So, i don’t need to listen to the blah blah of radio jockeys.

Most of us don’t download music straightaway on to the music player as we neither have 3G or WiFi access in India. So, having copy of same song in computer and music player makes one of the storage redundant.

Now, wouldn’t it be great to have videos? 1GB is no good for storing videos, 80GB sounds great for this. I agree, but how often and how long would one watch those videos relentlessly? Would you watch an entire movie on your 3inch LCD screen of the music player unless you happen to be on a long flight? Not really, ain’t it? So, a huge memory music player and mobile phones are just marketing gimmicks by these companies that do not come up with any worth while feature, may be other than touch screen.

The battery of the player is also a very important factor as i have already mentioned. I don’t want to keep charging my player more than i’m listening.

Bose Quiet Comfort 3

I charge my Samsung C160 phone once in 2 days when i talk less than 3 hrs per week. Sony NW-E003F player once in a week, for less than half an hour, listening to at least 2hrs of music per day on my battery driven Bose Quiet Comfort 3 headphones. I charge the Bose headphones once in two or three weeks. Bose QC3 is the best among any speakers or headphones i have listened to music on till date.

Bose QC3 seems to be the best performing as per the specified running time, 20 hours, is concerned. Sony player is suppose to run 30 hours when charged for 30 minutes, but runs only for about 10-12 hours. So 1GB, not bad at all. :)

P.S.: Can you guys tell me how often you need to charge your cellphones or music players or laptops and how much you use them?

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Priyanka Chropa and Harman Baweja - Love story 2050

He is awesome! I never thought i’ll ever write a post on any movie but this guy is incredible as far as the trailers of his new movie, Love story 2050, i have watched. His uncanny resemblance to Hrithik Roshan does not make him another wannabe star. Not just his looks, and his physique has resemblance with Hrithik but also his dance moves seems to be at least as good. The days when sons of yesteryear film industry people making their presence including the Jimmys and Tommys, Harman is one to watch out for irrespective of the success of his movie.

For advertisers, Harman would be Hrithik at 90% discount.

I can’t comment much about his acting skills, but if he can match Hrithik even in that then he’s gonna be the star of future in Bollywood, may be till 2050, sidelining the k-k-khans. You can point no flaw in his dancing skills, he is amazing. The song ‘milo na milo’ reminds me so much of Hrithik’s song ‘Dil ne dil ko pukara’ in Kaho naa pyaar hai. The music of the movie also sounds good. For those who haven’t watched the trailers, check out the video i’ve embedded from youtube below.

Milo na milo

Sach kehna

Check out the pretty good, futuristic, Love story 2050 website. First time i saw the trailer, i thought some new Hrithik’s movie. Then realized that this is new guy. With pretty Priyaka Chopra is his co-star, I think i’ll watch this movie, what about you?

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The Expansionist?

Super Nova tagged me, and here’s my take on this.

Please thoughtfully consider the following, and choose one item for each of the categories below. (Be sure to describe your reasons for choosing)

One religious work from a non-familiar tradition you’ll read:
-> Something on Buddhism, if Playboy is not considered religious. :P

One music video–that you like–from your “least likely to listen to’ genre:

-> Creeping death by Metallica or Hosh walon ko khabar kya ghazal sung by Jagjit Singh, from the movie Sarfarosh.

A book from a genre you almost never read, that you have read, or you will read (promise!):
-> Any fictional stuff. On second thoughts, Chetan Bhagat’s book is something i decided i’ll never read after 1 night @ .., and i might do the 3rd mistake of my life. D

Somewhere you’d never thought to go on holiday/vacation, and why it might be fun to go there?

-> Chembra peak at Wayanad. One of the best places i’ve trekked to. Also, I wouldn’t mind visiting Swaziland for Umhlanga. You know why’s that :D

A specific food you’ve never tried, but will because of this meme, honest!:

-> Kashmiri naan, but i don’t wanna try that! Can i consider cocaine as food? ;-)

A sport or game you really hate, or haven’t tried yet, but are willing to give one more go:

-> Golf, looks so easy, but god damn hard. I can’t get a tee off right! Hockey, for having missed out an opportunity to learn and play for college. Also, defeating Rafael Nadal on clay court 6-1, 6-3 and 6-0. I really want to do that! :D

A style of dance you probably won’t try (we won’t make you promise on this one):
-> The street dance to drum beats.D

A career job you don’t feel you’re suited for, and why:

-> Any job which requires boot licking or kissing ass.. I just can’t do that.

An item that’s “thinking out of the box’ for this meme that hadn’t been included:
-> Huh? wait.. i went to the loo, but that didn’t help.

It’s there’s one thing in life you wanted to do, and will do because of this meme, what will it be?
-> I wanna change this question to “What is the one thing in life you didn’t want to do, but will do because i asked you this question?”

I want every reader of this post to answer my last question, including the one who tagged me (coz i know you’ll not read?). Also, i tag Bhavna for her first wordpress post, Sakhi, Xylene, and You. :D

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This last month or so, inflation seems to be sky rocketing without any bound. The dollar is again touching 43 rupees just when i shortlisted a DSLR to buy. Nearly 4 rupee rise per dollar would increase the cost of owning the DSLR by 12%. Though the rising dollar would be a good sign for small and medium scale exporters, the effects of this would not be seen immediately. IT companies have already announced their single digit hikes for the top performers, and fired the non-performers. The crash of the markets has gripped the nation along with the increase in fuel prices. Also, there’s this food shortage crisis looming.

Albeit all these price rises, one thing seems to be decreasing. That is the cost for telecomm services. The tariff for STD and other services are being slashed every other day. First it was Vodafone and Airtel, and now it is BSNL. Though it seems like this is the result of Telecom Regulatory Authority of India’s (Trai) decision to remove the access deficit charge (ADC), i feel that they would already be running these services at a very high price and this small cuts would be insignificant as their customer base increases.

What is the major cost for running a telecom service once they have their network up and running?

Preity zinta, BSNL best hai mere liye?

Advertisements, with big superstars and not-so-big superstars endorsing to call up your sister irrespective of whether she’s in Dehradun or somewhere nearby or the pug running behind you to help you. Yes, this is the only major cost apart from the salaries for their staff who take only a part of the top brass’ pay. So as these companies capture more market, they could afford to run the network efficiently and optimally without incurring more expenditure. This would maximize their profits. This is an ideal situation for them to get aggressive and capture more market. So, How do they do this?

Vodafone pug

By slashing the already high tariffs. This would make the customers to make calls more often, there by making higher utilization of the network, raking in more turnover and hence more profits.

The already over-priced telecom service is the only entity to be slashing prices in this near double digit inflation struck India, and i continue to wait for the D-Day.

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Roland Garros, 2008

After watching a frustrating French open final i am not in mood to do anything. This is my way to vent the frustration. World number 1 in tennis losing in straight sets, scoring only 4 points in 3 sets, can’t annoy a tennis fan more. Was Federer outplayed by Nadal?

Of course not. One of the worst games Federer has played in years got Nadal his 4th title at Roland Garros. Roland Garros happens to be a French aviator, a trivia i was pleased to know than watch the abysmal performance by one of the greatest players in the history of tennis. Coming from a good match against the frenchman Gael Monfils, least i was expecting from Federer was give a stiff competition to the clay court champ. I knew it was too much to expect Federer to trash Nadal on clay. I was hoping to see a competitive match stretching to 4 sets, or at least a tie-breaker! All in vain.

I would be happy if Federer lost to unstoppable Nadal, but not when he lost to unforced errors. 35 unforced errors, crashing an aggressive forehand to the net or hitting it meters out of the box, like a rookie. Federer’s game annoyed me as much as the praise for Nadal by the commentators. Those morons were talking about how Nadal has ‘dominated’ the match. I could only see a few good passing shots by Nadal when Fed half-heartedly came to the net, and there was no signs of domination as Federer was literally throwing away the match with his unforced errors and poor conversion of 2nd serve to winning points. The commentators also started talking how amazing Nadal would be even on grass as he displayed supposedly some outstanding stuff last year in Wimbledon. I hope he gets trashed somewhere in 1st or 2nd round this year.

At one point in the 3rd set, i got so annoyed that i even started watching some crap talk by the Bachans and Ram Gopal Verma on a news channel! An average game by Nadal was enough to beat the off shine, under confident underdog Roger Federer. The only thing that made me smile this evening was the fast recap of this year’s tournament in the end, which showed the gorgeous Maria Sharapova for a moment. :)

Roger Federer

Having seen the genius of Roger Federer trashing best of the players like Safin and Roddick, it is disheartening to see him underperform and perish. Watching the King of tennis, who as i have seen shoot a winner even when on a wrong foot, to lose to an average game displayed by Nadal was sheer disappointment.

Federer needs to believe in himself and his abilities. He has to believe than he can beat, if not easily, Nadal on clay. He is world no. 1 for over four consecutive years for a reason, and that is because he is superior to the world no. 2, Rafael Nadal. I hope to see the genius display his abilities in full extravagance at the mecca of tennis, Wimbledon, which i truly believe is ‘The Grand Slam’. Watch out for Maria and FedEx sizzling on grass. :)

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Winning an election is one thing, running a successful government is a totally different thing. Having won the assembly elections with a near simple majority, BJP would soon realize this. 110 seats no good for forming a government in Karnataka. The effort it takes to form a government with the help of independent MLAs is not just the assurance of ministral portfolio but actually getting them to swear in. Does this ensure Mr.Yediyurappa will be able to run a hassle free government for 5 years?

If anyone knows even little bit of politics, he would say no, and rightly so. Congressmen are furious to have lost their foothold in the southern Indian, especially Karnataka. They being in the opposition would be scrutinizing every single move of our beloved CM Mr.Yediyurappa. The Gowda clan wouldn’t be the one to sit quietly in the assembly. The vengeance of their loss would be evident in the allegations they would be making for every minute mistake BJP or their ministers make.

Remember Nikhil Gowda’s drunken brawl episode? Now, if anything remote to that happens with any of the BJP minister kins, no doubt it will be blown out of proportion not only by the media but also by every member of the opposition in the assembly. HD Kumaraswamy was very fortunate to have escaped with very less damage. Both BJP and Congress, to some extent, were not so keen on tarnishing his image for having formed coalitions. But Yediyurappa and his government will not get away easily with any such antics.

Yediyurappa seems to be aware of this, and is trying to please everyone. The biggest mistake a leader does is try to please everyone. First, by swearing in 30 MLAs as ministers, and now visiting former CMs and his bitter rivals in the recent past. Having visited Deve Gowda, he has now visited Bangarappa at his residence. Does he think that they would be pleased by this gesture and co-operate with Yediyurappa, and not create a furore against him in future? One should be an idiot to expect such a thing from Gowda.

Staying mum will not help in leading a government. Taking the suggestion from national leaders, all the time, is a lame excuse for delaying decisions. Mr.Yediyurappa needs to overcome the fear of consequences and has to take his own decisions without trying to please everyone. The walk on a tight rope is for the one with the adroitness of a magician. Yediyurappa faces the key trust vote today, hopefully he’ll be more proactive in future if he secures the trust vote today.

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