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I was at the 16th all breeds championship dog show organized by Bangalore canine club on Saturday. I’ve been frequenting dog shows in Bangalore for nearly a decade now, this was my first time photographing. I just loved a golden retriever pup.

Here are a few pics:

Saint Bernard

Innocence - Neapolitan Mastiff Pup

Authority - Saint Bernard

Authority - Saint Bernard

Naughty - Golden retriever pup

Naughty - Golden retriever pup

Pretty owner or pretty dog?

Pretty owner or pretty dog?

You don’t have to answer the question in last pic. :))

That’s all folks!

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You must have watched this already. I saw it now and want to share with those who haven’t watched.

When i asked myself this question i got two answers.

1. Five hundred is too less

2. Petrol for 500 rupees.

What does it mean to you?

There are things we take for granted so easily, and there are people for whom it’s an experience they’ve never had. Though i’ve experienced similar moments expressed in the video, the video conveys it the best. I’ll think a zillion times before i spend 500bucks next time. You too do that.

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How to rig online polls?

Online polls are easy and fun, but not bug free. One can easily rig an online poll, and i’ll tell you ‘how to’ soon. Why do i write a post on rigging online polls now?

Avant grade bloggies awards is open for live polling. What’s Avant grade bloggies awards? Read here about this blogging awards started by Poonam. I figured out one can vote for best blogger/post in various categories by online poll from PollDaddy.com. Nice, simple and easy.

How to vote more than once?

Just clear the ‘private data’ of your browser. Some data is saved each time you visit a webpage. Most online poll work by storing a cookie in your system, which indicates that you have already voted. So, when you want to vote again, just delete the cookie and vote again. :)

To delete cookies and other private data, go to Tools menu and click on ‘Clear Private Data’ on Firefox (Check the Cookies list). On IE, similar feature is available.

Isn’t rigging simpler than voting online?

Now, isn’t this the best how to post? :-))

P.S.: It had been really long since i posted anything in ‘technology‘ category. Thanks to Poonam and her set of judges for providing me this opportunity. :P

I think it’s better to let readers vote by comments than this poll, but what do we do about the anon comments with unreal email ids? Judges decision would be final. :P

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Little beauty

A tiny (about 1in wing) butterfly flew into the living room in the evening and was perched for a long time on Tuffy’s bed. Thankfully he didn’t notice and i took a few snaps. I’ve seen a few moths coming in at times, but this was the first time i saw this tiny beautiful butterfly fly in.

Compound Eyes

Can anyone identify this for me?

Thanks Deepa for identifying this. I seem to know butterfly species from the ones i photograph than looking to photograph a particular species. It’s all fun! :-)

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Janapada jaatre programme aimed at taking folk culture of villages to cities was organized for two days, 8th and 9th November, at Lalbagh. I was there last evening along with members of BWS, and captured few moments as the artists applied makeup backstage, and their performance on stage.

Here are few snaps:

Mirror Mirror..




The event was fun, a riot of colors, folk dance and music. Went to MTR for dinner from there, and were lucky to get the 8:30pm batch coupon. Entree was excellent, but didn’t enjoy the main course.

Then, tried some experimental, long exposure photography with my friends as models. Here’s a snap, thanks to Karthik for posing still.

Traffic lights

That’s all folks!

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How many of you have listened to music on cassette player walkmans? This was not too long ago, i used them about 15 years back. Since, the progress in the music players has been tremendous. Read my earlier post about the music players i have used over the years. Nowadays a portable music player with gigabytes of memory is very common, but listening to my favorite music, at the instant of thought, is still a pain.

In one of my earlier post i’ve made my point that i don’t need more than 1GB of space for my music, but now i beg to differ. I don’t want even 1GB. I don’t want any space on my player. I just want it to play the music i think of. Yes, that’s right. I think of a song, and the player should start playing.

Why should i always choose from a pool of 1GB or 80GB or 160GB or even 1TeraByte of songs? What if i feel like listening to a 1960s number that i’d have heard only a hymn of? The vaguely remembered tune haunts me. Where can i get that song?? It’s not there in the pile of 10000 songs i manage. Someone ought to have it!

I hate downloading music to my portable player every time i get bored of the playlist i have. I hate to search for a particular song. I want to listen at that moment, and searching for it might spoil my mood.

I want someone to have all possible music ever composed, remixed or copied and stream it over the internet in real time. Someone could be one or a group of music companies. I don’t want to ‘own’ any song, but play whenever i want and as many times i want. My portable player (reduce it just to a quality headphones or speaker system) should be able to request and get a song within milliseconds from a server at any corner of the world.

We need an algorithm to map our thought, kind of brain signals, and vaguely available information of that song to something comparable, then match it with a ‘probable list’ of few thousand songs, identify the song we want correctly, and play for us. The algorithm and the devices involved sounds improbably complex, but i feel this is how the music players of future should be. In many ways, such a service can curb piracy and I don’t mind paying for such a service or technology, do you? :)

It sounds like i’m asking for too much, isn’t it?

Not really. I know it will be a reality some day, but the question is how long will it take? I feel it should not take more than a decade or maximum two for such a service to be accessible by everyone at a nominal cost. One of my colleagues said ‘it would be impossible for such a service to come up in 10-15 years’. He felt it’s not possible for me to listen to music on such a service in my lifetime.

In 15 years, if i am able to graduate from cassette player walkman to a portable music player, which can download music on WiFi, such a technology too should be a reality soon.

What do you think, plausible? :)

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