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Hope is a good thing


It works like a miracle, it does work. Hope. I hope the image signifies hope.

I love power cuts, for it gives me time to relax, time away from surfing on computer, watching television, or reading some book . I used to love power cuts even in childhood. In those days, power cut in the evening meant no studies for that time. :)

Three day weekend, i’m off to NTP. Hope i have a great time.

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I’ve started tweeting of late. I know i’ve arrived late just like i arrived late to blogging. I guess gone are the days when people were paranoid to write about their daily activities (read personal) in public domain. I guess people now live more online, and less off it. Though LiveJournal started the cult at the beginning of this century, i think it took Twitter to bring about the change so drastically.

It’s good to see information being passed so quickly through tinyurls to accommodate the link to a detailed article on web with the gist in the tweet. Tweets like ‘Off for dinner‘, ‘Back from loo‘ etc is just plain stupidity. But i’m sure there are people who follow such tweets as well following up with a tweet Hey Britney just got back from bathroom, jeez that was quick!

It gets irritating when people use twitter for conversation. It happened to me. Someone wanted to know if i would do freelance product photography, the conversation went on for some 5-6 tweets, i had no option but to reply on twitter itself. Why don’t people use email or IM for that?! This is exactly like using scrapbook/wall for conversation before chat feature was integrated into social networking sites.

I love the new Twitter search feature, which has a simple search homepage, what Google did more than decade ago. But i wonder why don’t they have ads in the twitter profile page?! It makes so much sense to have a couple of text ads there. For example, one of my tweets went like this: ‘Seems like 400mm f/5.6L USM went out of stock even in US!!! Canon, do something!’ It makes a lot of sense to have an ad for Canon 400mm lens which is in stock. It is fine that you might not be able to facilitate such ads on all tweets, but i’m sure you can find quite a few which do match. Back from loo‘ can have a toilet paper ad. :))

On a totally different note, i’m finding it hard to understand Hyperfocal distance to produce images with greatest depth of field for landscapes. This supposedly explains it well, but i’d appreciate if someone can explain better.

P.S.: Can i change from a postpaid connection to prepaid without changing the phone number? I use Vodafone. This was another tweet for which i’d have appreciated relevant ads. I still haven’t found an answer, would appreciate if any of you can address.

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Images of Fluterrbys, and flowers from few shoots in the last 2-3months.

Crimson Rose

Crimson Rose Butterfly

Common Castor


Back lit flower


Striped Tiger


Striped Tiger in a bunch of flowers


Sunset at Valley school


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