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Sunfeast 10k marathon on Sunday morning meant, all roads around Cubbon Park, and MG road blocked for vehicular movement. I had registered for Kalyan Varma‘s workshop in association with National geographic channel at the British Council. Took an auto till Minsk Square and started walking a distance of 2km from Minsk square to British Library. Shot a few images of marathoners on Cubbon road and Kasturba road.

Tabebuia Rosea was on bloom, though not fully, and the clear blue sky provided a nice opportunity to take this image:


The enthusiasm of the runners was really exciting. Though many were tired and were just strolling, there were enough people to encourage the runners. There were many groups and organizations running for fun and some causes. There were disabled people, and many who supported their cause for equal opportunity for disabled. There were people running to save trees. There were few who ran to save the Sparrows. :)

It was an exhilarating experience for me as i walked on those roads i’ve traveled million times. I had never seen those roads without motor vehicles.

At Minsk square, i shot this image hand held at 1/6s shutter speed. Did selective coloring on Photoshop to get the image below. I feel, just the desaturated image would have been better after seeing on the blog.


As huge fan and admirer of Kalyan’s work, i was a little disappointed with the workshop. I think it would have been lot better if it wasn’t for so much stress on National Geographic photographs, which undoubtedly are top class. Anyway, it was a great opportunity to meet guys like Kalyan, who provide immense inspiration to many aspiring wildlife photographers.

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Trip to valley school today morning was a great one. Since i don’t have enough time right now to write more, i’ll leave with few images showing the creatures i enjoyed watching and photographing.

Plants – use sun to tap energy


leaf and flower

Birds – live on these plants and tress

Red Vented Bulbul


Birds – young ones are born and brought up on plants

Red Vented Bulbul chick

Was photographing the adult from the car in close range. Didn’t know there was a nest nearby. This young one got disturbed, and flew out of the nest a few feet and landed on the ground. Shot this image and left the spot feeling bad for disturbing the little one.


Molluscs Crawling their way through

African Giant Snail

This was a co-operative one. Shot this at various angles, with and without flash.

Giant African Snail

Insects – Beetle rolling it up

This beetle was putting in a lot of effort in rolling up a ball. Don’t know the identity of this beetle. Beetles constitute about 50% of insects species.


ArachnidsYour friendly neighborhood hero

Araneus Mitifica

This pretty looking spider was hanging from a tree.  I guess, she got disturbed as we were around and started ascending. Got this shot on Manual focus as AF was struggling to lock this tiny creature in the frame.


That’s all folks for now, off to watch IPL finals. Go RCB!

P.S.: Will update this post with more info on each of these images, do come back if interested.

Update done. (29/05/09 11:49PM)

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Maybe i’m alive.

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