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Why is it that i can’t be happy for a long time continually?!

I try not to get pissed off.. but still..
Another thing,
why is it that just when i think i am good, i realize i can be better??
When do i become the best? Why do i see someone being better than me!!?


Random events, made me think,  and go back to this movie quotes:

It was at that time that I thought about Thomas Jefferson writing that Declaration of Independence. Him saying that we have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. And I thought about how he knew to put the ‘pursuit’ in there, like no one can actually have happiness. We can only pursue it.

Maybe happiness is something that we can only pursue. And maybe we can actually never have it no matter what.

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More than three months back, just about the time TFN 2009 was announced, I wanted to start a blog about the unique event in this part of the world. Err.. Hold it.  Are you wondering what is TFN?

TFN is passion. TFN is a cult. TFN is madness. TFN is about challenging yourself. TFN is about making a statement. TFN is about raising awareness. I would be wrong to say TFN is just about cycling. It is all these and more. Tour oF Nilgiris is an 8-day-900km cycling tour across the Blue Mountains (Nilgiris). It’s not a race, it’s a tour. Read about the tour here.

Now, why didn’t i write this three months back, and why am i doing it now? I created a blog for TFN 2009. I wanted to make a documentary on the event on the lines on Iditarod, I contacted the people involved in TFN and other documentary film-makers to assist me. Worst case, i wanted to blog about the event.

Unfortunately, I have to earn my bread and had to travel on work. A zillion other personal things caught me. Not that i am free now (probably obvious since i haven’t updated my blog for long time), but like i always say I don’t have time for only something i don’t like to do (at least priority-wise). I saw the contest for the official blogger of TFN – and thought this might be my last chance.

So, why should i be the official blogger?

1. I have the passion about natural environment and I try to spread awareness in whatever little way I can – as evident from this and this.

2. I can take good photographs and narrate a story (cat chase).

3. I have compiled enough travelogues on this blog, and written about relatively unknown travel spots.

4. I can write blog on the fly ( as i am doing now :P ) and still make it interesting (ya, i wish).

Above all, i have the zeal for TFN – I don’t have the endurance to ride 900km, but admire the ones who do. I have friends who have been training for TFN for quite some time, and i want to be there to witness their win as every rider is a winner on TFN.

That’s all folks!

P.S.: Still have tons of images from Bandipur, Cologne, Eindhoven, Amsterdam, Pottery Town, Valley school, and TG Halli. Hope to publish soon.

P.P.S.: Heading to a non-descript village in northern Karnataka – follow me @SandeepEmbar. Hope to be back by Sunday morning for Canon PhotoMarathon.

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