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End of an year – 2011

Though I have lost the consistency of blogging this year, it’s been one hell of an year. This year has been more agonizing in many ways albeit new and exciting experiences. The year mostly was in two chunks. Continuing the ‘trend’ of the last four years, a cryptic recap.

Ended the last year’s post with hint on turbulence. The beginning continued that way. It was, though subtly expected, very painful. The blurr of Jan has somewhat caused me to even forget the passage of following few months. Missed the race, but hit the usual haunts a few times.

More distress and anxiety amidst good news (?).

The glorious  birthday trip to the montagnes of the west. Eventful few days and then the time for decisions. Monthly unwillingness in rituals, but it worked.

The running around. Going crazy, almost. May it end. The dreaded place with quarter hour drive was indeed awesome. Thirty 30. Really? Sure? Yes and No. No and Yes. Yes. More running around. The stamp, the frolic or the lack of it.

The shift. Displacement. A few initial good days leading up to the carnage. The super awesome exponential upward curve. New, not necessarily needed. Fear, numbness, glitter and hope – all at the same time. The time whirred past. It seems like a chunk of time rather than separate months, weeks or days.

return temp; //lol

The inconsistent gearing up. But the war is eventual. Hope is the only constant and is perpetual.

P.S.: The BA flight, how many would believe!


Almost forgot about future me!!

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