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BarCamp Bangalore

I was waiting for this since last (and my first) BarCamp in November, which was great fun. BarCamp Bangalore 6 (BCB6) is here, on April 19th and 20th. After having thought about few other venues IIM-B campus has been retained even for this BarCamp. The IIM-B campus is a wonderful place, and my last barcamp visit was more fun ‘coz it was at this beautiful peaceful campus.

BCB5 was my first barcamp, after having to miss BCB3, and 4 due to reasons not-so-obvious. Logo design collective by Aashish Solanki, Blog review sessions with few experienced bloggers reviewing on aspects of a good blog, and of course many startup collectives were great fun. The ‘unconference’ mode of discussion puts you at comfort, and talking about anything to new(and interesting) people, you meet there, is much easier.

BCB6 is encouraging more people to talk, and hence the registration is not open to anyone who just want to hang around and watch. BarCamp is about talking your mind, and one couldn’t get a better place to discuss about any thing under the sun. No wonder i am excited about BCB6, the summer edition of BarCamp Bangalore.

I would like to talk about SEO and know more about this from knowledgeable people at BCB6. Also, the DSP over a blog session by Krishna Pillai looks interesting, meeting people from same clan would be better than always talk to web design and development guys. Check out more BCB6 sessions.

Here are few important links:

BarCamp Bangalore 6 twitter page

BarCamp Bangalore yahoo groups mailing list

BarCamp Bangalore official blog

Also, the logo design contest is open and few nice logos are designed. Check this out here. The logo at the top of the post is designed by Arun Vijayan, and is my favourite.

Catch you at BCB6! :)

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