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Disclaimer 1: This is a sarcastic and humorous interpretation of the dowry related marriages and their acceptance. This is in no way to hurt the sentiments of anyone, anywhere, living or dead.

What is Dowry?

According to The Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961 – Dowry means any property or valuable security given or agreed to be given either directly or indirectly-

  1. by one party to a marriage to the other party to the marriage; or
  2. by the parents of either party to a marriage or by any other person, to either party to the marriage or to any other person at of before or any time after the marriage.

Most of the times, this is given to the groom/husband of the bride/wife by her Father.

To get to the point as to how dowry is good for India, let us begin by asking the question, Who gets more dowry?

There is a price tag attached to every commodity in the market, and the potential bridegrooms are no exception. The value of the man goes up according to the status of his or his family in the society. A well educated guy is obviously high up in this ladder. So is the guy who’s family is well known or has enough fortune from forefathers at their disposal. The latter kind of men have it easier, and a college degree would be enough to get a ‘pretty bride’ along with substantial fortune as dowry. The former kinds have to ‘earn’ it by getting more degrees, from abroad may be, and by working in US or other parts of the world.

IAS officers, men in civil services or other government service (‘earning well’, not just from their salary) fetch the highest bid (read dowry) in certain parts of India(where dowry is prevalent, that is in AP, Bihar and few other parts). Others living in India(software engineers et al) are not even considered for bidding, at least in the first round (you’ll come to know about the rounds later). They have to be in USA, preferably in New York region to fetch the highest bids in the first round.

So, it is the people with the best of education and job fetch the highest bid.

Since we now know who gets the highest bids, let me tell you how this is good for India. Before that, what are these rounds of bidding?

A prospective bridegroom, gets more proposals if he happens to work in NYC, and hence more dowry than others in other parts of US and the world. The order of preference is like this: first NYC, then CA region, then any other part of US, and then London or UK. The first round ends here. This means, the parents of girl stop looking for a match, for their daughter, if they can’t get any guy from these regions at the first try. They would wait for some time, before trying again. In the subsequent attempts more regions in the world are covered, including Australia and India in that order.

So, how is this good for India?

Few decades earlier, even a 10th pass was valued as there were very few men having cleared 10th. These men got more proposals for marriage, and more dowry, than others. Then, men realized they could get more dowry if they clear 10th and they started doing that, setting the new bar as 12th, and this went on progressively. A college degree, a Masters, and then a foreign degree. The bidding for a guy abroad, say USA, was more than any guy in India.

Dowry has made men from certain states (read Andhra Pradesh) ‘value education’, and US degrees. They would cram for their GRE, even if they have barely managed to clear their undergraduate degrees, and fly to US. Read my previous post about US frenzy guys, dominated by guys from AP. If dowry was more prevalent in other parts of India, there would be female foeticide no doubt, but there would be more men ‘valuing education’ and getting in to US tech and b- schools, IITs, and IIScs. The literacy levels in India would increase.

Government of India could provide interest free loans (and may be loan wavier) for dowry. This would encourage more Indian men to strive hard and get the pinnacle of degrees available in India and abroad, in hope of fetching highest bid in a marriage proposal. All men(of course women too) work for incentives, and dowry is an incentive for men making them work hard in life.

One more interesting thing i would like to mention, if any guy does not want dowry and will show interest to marry a girl without dowry the guy is not given the girl’s hand because the parents (and/or whoever involved) of the girl think something seriously wrong with the guy. This shows the prevalence of dowry, and assures that the guy getting dowry would be right in every possible way the dowry amount could get. :)

Source: This is based on my knowledge on the happenings around me, and from few confidential sources i know.

Disclaimer 2: This post in based only on the views of the individual author, and is not to hurt the sentiments of anyone, as mentioned earlier. This is only a humorous interpretation, and the author is aware of the dowry related deaths and harassment women face, and solemnly condemns anyone involved in such heinous acts.

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