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Je m’appelle Sandeep. Je suis ingénieur. Je travaille dans un démarrage à Bangalore. Je suis etudient à l’Alliance Francaise en Vasanthnagar, une partie de Bangalore. Je parle la kannada, l’anglais, la hindi, la tamil et le français. C’est mon blog.

J’aime la musique et les sports. J’adore le tennis. Je joue au tennis de table et de cricket. Aussi, j’aime l’équitation. Mon groupe de musique préféré est Pink Floyd.

J’adore écrive aussi. Mon préféré animaux sont des chiens, des tigres et des chevaux. Je déteste rien.

Mon coup de coeur est Coming back to life par Pink Floyd. Priya m’a marqué. Je baliser Priya, Meghana, Nikhil, Vishesh et RJ dans ce message. Je sais qu’il est tard. Mieux vaut tard que jamais.

Bisous tout le monde, gardez blogging!


P.S.: This is all the french i’ve learnt so far. Tag tip: You guys write a post in your mother tongue or any other new language you’re learning. Programming and scripting languages not <included> :)

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1000+ hits in 2 months

I started blogging in early September 2007, with a conscious effort unlike couple of other times i had started, and dropped. I didn’t want to write too much, didn’t have the patience for it earlier. I started writing my thoughts (and crazier whims) on an orkut community i had started only for me, having got the inspiration from Sap.

I didn’t have anything particular in mind when i started. Also, i didn’t wanted to write about happenings in my life, i wanted those things to be more personal (But i guess unknowingly i would have given out enough info on the net for my stalkers).

Two months on i have over 1000 hits to this blog, ‘A million dollars or knighthood?’ getting the most hits.

From “Hello, World” to “Hey World, How you doin’?” I’ll try and continue to write over here as long as it keeps me interested. :)

P.S.: What would people who know me say about my interests as how long they would last? :P

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Hey world!

How you doin’?

Writing, not just for the heck of it. An attempt to put down thoughts in a wordy way, avoiding being prolix (even if i want to huh!?), more than a mere comment or expression or a smiley. A conscience attempt, by will.

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