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The Kite flyers

I was talking to RJ (yeah he’s still alive) on Friday afternoon. He was compiling his ‘bucket list’, and told me few of his:

– Learn to whistle. Haha.. i can do that

– Learn to¬†blow a bubblegum. That’s easy.. i can do that

– Learn to spin a top. Yikes.. i can do that too

Next one,

– Learn to fly a kite. Oops.. I can’t do that.

RJ asked me what was my bucket list. I don’t have any list, i just do things i feel like doing. :)

The greatest joy in life is not to have a bucket list, and strike off the things you did from others’ list.

I’ve tried like a million times in my childhood (not that i’m old now :P) to fly a kite but with dismal results. It’s just too hard, i can’t get it sore over the skies. There must be a technique i got to learn to fly.

I had heard one of my friends saying that flying kite is too easy, and he used to fly a lot in school. So, first thing i did after learning RJ’s bucket list was send a mail to my friend(s) for a kite flying workshop :))

Thankfully he obliged. Another friend knew a place where they sell kites and other required accessories, and she obliged to get all the stuff. So, Monday was my maiden flight. It was exciting. I flew a kite all by myself, from ground to skies till the thread (manjha) got over.

I know there are many guys who want to learn to fly a kite. Those in Bangalore can contact me, we’ll start Kite flying for dummies workshop soon. :P

Here are few pics:


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