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End of an year – 2011

Though I have lost the consistency of blogging this year, it’s been one hell of an year. This year has been more agonizing in many ways albeit new and exciting experiences. The year mostly was in two chunks. Continuing the ‘trend’ of the last four years, a cryptic recap.

Ended the last year’s post with hint on turbulence. The beginning continued that way. It was, though subtly expected, very painful. The blurr of Jan has somewhat caused me to even forget the passage of following few months. Missed the race, but hit the usual haunts a few times.

More distress and anxiety amidst good news (?).

The glorious  birthday trip to the montagnes of the west. Eventful few days and then the time for decisions. Monthly unwillingness in rituals, but it worked.

The running around. Going crazy, almost. May it end. The dreaded place with quarter hour drive was indeed awesome. Thirty 30. Really? Sure? Yes and No. No and Yes. Yes. More running around. The stamp, the frolic or the lack of it.

The shift. Displacement. A few initial good days leading up to the carnage. The super awesome exponential upward curve. New, not necessarily needed. Fear, numbness, glitter and hope – all at the same time. The time whirred past. It seems like a chunk of time rather than separate months, weeks or days.

return temp; //lol

The inconsistent gearing up. But the war is eventual. Hope is the only constant and is perpetual.

P.S.: The BA flight, how many would believe!


Almost forgot about future me!!

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..is not to take a risk at all.

This is one of my favorite quotes. It makes you trust, hope on something and go for it despite the uncertain outcome. The subject line perhaps describes my state right now. I was at one of the major crossroads of life, wondering what path to take. The decision was perhaps the hardest I had to make. It was a HUGE change for me and everyone that knew me for a quarter century. It was a decision that was parting me and my loved ones – my city, family, people i knew, my hobbies and many more. It was a decision that moved me out of the most comfortable possible comfort zone. The decision that would put me in enormous pressure in many ways – mentally, emotionally, and financially.

The decision was to pursue MBA in the US. Here I am blogging from Los Angeles, California. The orientation program starts tomorrow and I’ll be studying at the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California.

There sure would be some new experiences this decision would bring about. There are many firsts. I know I’d be crippled in many ways – living without a car (especially in a country such as this), living with a thought of budget in mind, renting a house to live and cooking myself. It’s a different experience. Have to wait and watch where this takes me.

I’d continue writing on this blog as this has already gone through some drastic changes from its inception. Started as a pad for scribbling random thoughts, transformed to a travel and wildlife blog, and now that of an MBA student. It’s disappointing that I might not be able post about my wildlife escapades much now on, but I have a stockpile pending that I’d post whenever I find time. But It won’t be much. For those that want to unsubscribe, hope to connect in future. For the rest, stop wondering what a sellout and wish me luck.

Fight on!

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End of an year – 2010

Continuing the tradition (2007, 2008, 2009) of cryptic end of the year post, here’s this year’s account. Definitely the most traveled year, not necessarily distance-wise. Kick starting with small, serene sanctuary and culminating in the ravines of a notorious river. A year of incredible highs and abysmal lows.

Unexpected invite. Fun and frolic. Denied attempts. Super meet and an awesome race. Eager expectations ended January.

A smoother sail, or so it seemed. More accesses denied. A silver lining – totally unexpected.

Impulsive decision and the visit. Exceptional beginning. Sulking in the experience. Eye on longer plan. Sense of troubled immediate future. Trouble.

The search. The exciting discussions. Search. Unexpected offer. Confusion. More offers. Pseudo expectations. Lots of trips. The end.

Confusion. Price paid for expectation. Agony. Annoyance.

Escape to hell with short sight. Smooth beginning.

Getting stuck. Getting it out in the favorite place. Fun.

Effort. More realistic approach. Lot of effort. Chill. Opportunity. Lessons and anticipations. Missed November post.

Macaqueing unleashed. Acceptances. More scope for opportunity.

Cold and the wonder. Decision making in the process, on both ends.



Anticipation and hope.

and yes, waiting for future me! :)

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Timelapse is the technique where each captured frame in a sequence is played back at a rate much faster than it was captured at. A flower blooming, captured over a day or two, seen in matter of few seconds is an excellent example of time lapse.

There are many good articles that tell you how to do a timelapse. Couple of good articles/FAQs on timelapse:


Timothy Allen‘s

But, the objective of this article is to show what happens if you don’t follow some of the guidelines those articles profess, or How not to shoot timelapse.

I was bored on yesterday afternoon and thought of shooting a small timelapse. Here’s the result:

This timelapse sequence was made for about 15minutes, as a compilation of about 300 images. That roughly translates to 1 image per 3 seconds.

The funny part is, I didn’t use a tripod or an intervalometer. I shot it with support of my footware, manually clicking 300+ images. Stupidity some would say. I say, good learning on first attempt of timelapse.

Why do you need tripod? Mainly for stability. If the images are not captured from a fixed point, there will be flickrs or jitters in the timelapsed video. More so if the time line compressed more. This is evident in the above video at various instances.

I tried to give the dolly tripod effect by moving the camera bit by bit, but it didn’t turn out as expected :))

You can get away shooting without tripod for smaller timelapses, but you can’t for longer ones.

Why do you need intervalometer? Intervalometer automatically triggers a shot ever X seconds, for a pre-set exposure interval. If the sequence of images are captured at a fixed interval, the motion in the timelapsed video gives a smoother look wrt frames seen per second.

In the above video, between 2 to 3 seconds, you see that the clouds move slower than in the rest of the video. Also, a bird flies from bottom mid-left to top mid-left. I captured more frames per unit time during that time period than i did for rest of the shoot. Shooting more frames than at the fixed interval time gives somewhat ‘slow motion’ effect in that segment (if done properly that is). This is something that cannot be achieved with a intervalometer (or I am not aware of such a intervalometer).

If you want a timelapse without jitters/flickering and constant motion, use a tripod and intervalometer.

P.S.: If there is any intervalometer with which i can over ride the timer, to capture more frames per second for some time period (dynamically) to create slow motion effect, let me know asap.

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End of an year – 2009

Third year this. Continuing the series. Kick started with a fantastic January, and rode one hell of a roller coaster – traumatic and euphoric year.

Few firsts, and few not firsts. Will try to keep it cryptic.

Yearning for that stint.

First time racing with 4 unknowns – yeah, i loved it. Off and on roading, without a license. Exhibiting, selling, learning lessons on costing, networking – and more importantly having fun.

Ask and wait.

More and more travels, and fighting sleeplessness. Tweeting. The program – close, yet so far. Hectic and crazy beginning – not realizing the mammoth impact of future.

Postponement. Plan goes awry. Cushion of buffer, but a price to pay.

Hitting rock bottom, bete gone. :-(

More frustration, plan goes awry again coz someone didn’t do it right. Almost an exit.

A lease of life.

An opportunity – perseverance and patience pays – an experience. The stint. King reins – didn’t witness. Hit a low again. Confusion,  leads to determination.

New people – fun. Breather. The unexpected. More experience, more fun. :)

Final frontier. On par – can fight with. Decide to fight. Fighting starts – planning of which was on and off.

Opportunities. An exit, close.

Revelation by the one. Lobster gone. Disappointment, loss of joy. But.

Fighting continues, and so does living on hope.

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Why is it that i can’t be happy for a long time continually?!

I try not to get pissed off.. but still..
Another thing,
why is it that just when i think i am good, i realize i can be better??
When do i become the best? Why do i see someone being better than me!!?


Random events, made me think,  and go back to this movie quotes:

It was at that time that I thought about Thomas Jefferson writing that Declaration of Independence. Him saying that we have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. And I thought about how he knew to put the ‘pursuit’ in there, like no one can actually have happiness. We can only pursue it.

Maybe happiness is something that we can only pursue. And maybe we can actually never have it no matter what.

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Life Updates

Philips Frits statue at Eindhoven

The time of life when you plan something and life plans something else. I was hoping to post a series of images from Bandipur, get hands on my new possession, and met some nice people in Bangalore. But i landed up in 51°27’0″N / 5°22’28″E.

Took 4 different trains from Frankfurt to Eindhoven, with a stop over at Köln and caught up with a college friend there. Eindhoven is non-existent but for Philips, and the statue of the man himself is at the city center.

P.S.: Trying to catch US open, more later!

and No, i don’t work in Philips, and am not here for work in Philips. :)

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I’m back in Bangalore, after spending two incredible weeks at Jungle Lodges and Resorts, Bandipur, where i worked as volunteer Naturalist. If you were following me on twitter, you would have seen my live updates from safaris.

I’ll write more about my experience in the weeks to come. Too many things to catch up now. More later, bye!

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Maybe i’m alive.

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Hope is a good thing


It works like a miracle, it does work. Hope. I hope the image signifies hope.

I love power cuts, for it gives me time to relax, time away from surfing on computer, watching television, or reading some book . I used to love power cuts even in childhood. In those days, power cut in the evening meant no studies for that time. :)

Three day weekend, i’m off to NTP. Hope i have a great time.

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