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Until recently i used to feel medical field has not done much progress, using the same old techniques to treat patients. What i felt was true for treatments in India, where affordable treatment is necessary. What’s the use of developing a cure which is not affordable by we people? This was also true for the frequently occurring fever, cough, and common cold in kids. I felt why don’t they develop some drug/vaccination with which they totally eliminate this?! I haven’t figured out why they have not come up with something like that, but there were a couple of recent developments which made me happy. One was an article about two kids getting titanium ribs, and another was on dandruff cure.

Scoliosis X-ray

2 kids get titanium ribs to straighten the spines‘ read the heading of the article. Scoliosis was the disorder, their rib bones were fused or missing, severely affecting the space for their lungs. The treatment was to use titanium ribs, having the chest of kids enlarged, giving space for lungs to grow. The surgery was preformed by India’s first paediatric orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Ashok Johari at Lilavati hospital, Mumbai, on a six-year old and a four-year old girl. The image on the left shows an x-ray of a patient with scoliosis.

The titanium ribs cost over Rs. 24 lakhs. If you were thinking that those kids would be of some filthy rich people, you are wrong. This was the part that surprised me more. They kids got the titanium ribs for free! This happened by the efforts of Child Foundation, an international non-profit organization, which got the manufacturers to donate two for Indian children. VEPTR, acronym for vertical expandable prosthetic titanium rib, is approved by FDA. The device needs to be lengthened or replaced as the patient grows, requiring repeat operations every six months. Just when you think it was all over huh? :)

Scoliosis affects 4 children per 1000 births, but not everyone of those can get such a treatment. Good that medical researchers are doing great job in coming up with such wonderful things. This also brings back some respect for doctors in me, the reasons for that will be made aware to the ones who ask me personally(surely will do this time, if you’ve read till here). Hopefully doctors i consult are not reading this. :)

Here is another such miraculous story of a 4-year old girl.



Silvery Flakes,

of Dandruff…

A group of Scientists have cracked the genetic secrets of the microbe that causes dandruff, and the breakthrough holds out prospect of effective treatment from the scratching, and silvery flakes caused by a fungus Malassezia globosa, living and feeding on human skin (that’s enough to freak you out!).

The team of researchers were led by Jun Xu, a researcher with P&G, at its American centre, and about twenty researchers have worked at seven institutes around the world to crack this genome.

The ones who could be benefited from this include Myself, Bill Gates, Preity Zinta, Salma Hayek, Tyra Banks, Johny Depp, Brad Pitt, and many more.

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