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Sri Lankan military forces took control of LTTE‘s last bastion, Mullaittivu, last week. This, along with the capture of Kilinochchi on January 2, signals the beginning of the end of Tamil Eelam‘s fight for a sovereign socialist Tamil state in the north and east of Sri Lanka, lasting nearly three decades. The war to de-establish LTTE has cost a lot of lives of rebel tigers and that of Sri Lankan military, apart from that many hapless civilians.

Many of the Tamil Tigers have laid their lives for the liberation cause, and many have fled from their territories. Velupillai Prabhakaran, supremo of LTTE, also seems to have slipped from the Sri Lankan forces. He could have escaped from the island nation to anywhere in the Indian Ocean. The search for Prabhakaran continues, and no one knows his whereabouts.

What does this mean to India? Indian government is looking to get Prabhakaran, when captured, to India for a trial for the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi. Indian government has also made it clear that they show no sympathy to LTTE, even as Tamil Nadu’s Chief Minister Karunanidhi has appealed to the Indian government to persuade Sri Lankan government for a ceasefire.

The tough stand of Indian government against LTTE could worsen the terror situation that India is already facing. India, until now, was mostly facing terrorists originating from North-West neighbor namely Pakistan. But now things could change.

Al-Qaeda, Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) and many other extremist organization have enough wealth to support terror activities. Also, there is speculation about the aid given by the US to Pakistan to fight terrorists being used to fund terrorists against India. There was news about Somali Pirates being used by Islamic terrorists originating from Pakistan to distract Indian Navy prior to the Mumbai attack on 26th November.

Money deprived rebel organization, LTTE, could now become the ally of rich Islamic terrorist organizations. Al-Qaeda, and LeT with support from ISI could now use LTTE for terrorist activities in India. The poverty stricken, ill fated Tamils from Northern Sri Lanka can easily be manipulated and lured by money to act in terms of Islamic terror organizations.

Infiltration of terrorists to India, which until now was happening mostly from Northern (Pakistan, PoK) and Eastern (Bangladesh) sides could now happen from Southern side. The access to Southern India to Islamic terrorists would become easier with the support of LTTE. There possibly is support for LTTE from few Tamils in Tamil Nadu (a case of desecration of Rajiv Gandhi’s statue has been reported, and also keep in mind that Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated in Sriperumbudur). This could prove fatal if LTTE and Islamic terror organizations shake hands. This access to Southern states could be used to transport explosives and other ammunition required for terror activities in South India. Prime targets could be Chennai and Bangalore, which until now had escaped from major attacks by Islamic terrorists probably because of the distance.

The fall of LTTE might prove fatal to India if the situation is not handled properly by the Indian government. I am not supporting LTTE, neither am asking Indian government to support. I just want the Indian government act in time to get the Navy patrol Indian ocean efficiently and check the infiltration of refugees and tamil tigers, and of course, to push Pakistan to eliminate terror organizations in its soil.

Prevention is better than cure.

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Winning an election is one thing, running a successful government is a totally different thing. Having won the assembly elections with a near simple majority, BJP would soon realize this. 110 seats no good for forming a government in Karnataka. The effort it takes to form a government with the help of independent MLAs is not just the assurance of ministral portfolio but actually getting them to swear in. Does this ensure Mr.Yediyurappa will be able to run a hassle free government for 5 years?

If anyone knows even little bit of politics, he would say no, and rightly so. Congressmen are furious to have lost their foothold in the southern Indian, especially Karnataka. They being in the opposition would be scrutinizing every single move of our beloved CM Mr.Yediyurappa. The Gowda clan wouldn’t be the one to sit quietly in the assembly. The vengeance of their loss would be evident in the allegations they would be making for every minute mistake BJP or their ministers make.

Remember Nikhil Gowda’s drunken brawl episode? Now, if anything remote to that happens with any of the BJP minister kins, no doubt it will be blown out of proportion not only by the media but also by every member of the opposition in the assembly. HD Kumaraswamy was very fortunate to have escaped with very less damage. Both BJP and Congress, to some extent, were not so keen on tarnishing his image for having formed coalitions. But Yediyurappa and his government will not get away easily with any such antics.

Yediyurappa seems to be aware of this, and is trying to please everyone. The biggest mistake a leader does is try to please everyone. First, by swearing in 30 MLAs as ministers, and now visiting former CMs and his bitter rivals in the recent past. Having visited Deve Gowda, he has now visited Bangarappa at his residence. Does he think that they would be pleased by this gesture and co-operate with Yediyurappa, and not create a furore against him in future? One should be an idiot to expect such a thing from Gowda.

Staying mum will not help in leading a government. Taking the suggestion from national leaders, all the time, is a lame excuse for delaying decisions. Mr.Yediyurappa needs to overcome the fear of consequences and has to take his own decisions without trying to please everyone. The walk on a tight rope is for the one with the adroitness of a magician. Yediyurappa faces the key trust vote today, hopefully he’ll be more proactive in future if he secures the trust vote today.

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Why of all the places in Bangalore, connectivity to the new Bangalore International Airport so important? Is there no road to BIAL or is the airport built in some fairyland to which only the angels have access to!?

Of course not. The airport is at Devanahalli, at a distance of about 35km from the city. There is a good National highway (NH-7) connecting to this place. Along the way are many malls, luxury apartments, international hospitals, and IT parks.

Reaching this highway from the central parts of the city, and ‘more importantly’ IT corridors (Electronic city et al) is a pain, time wise. Our government, as of now our governor, and all the smart people ‘leading India‘ are only concerned about providing good connectivity to the Airport. I don’t understand why! The connectivity to Airport is not more important than decongesting traffic in central parts, at least when the traffic is as shown in the image below almost everyday.

The traffic in Bangalore City

How often does an average person with an average job in Bangalore use the Airport? Not more than twice or thrice a year. Even the Narayan Murthys and Azim Premjis would not be flying more than once a fortnight, except may be our beloved cricketers who take short haul flights for their IPL matches more than twice a week. :)

Now consider, how often does an average person travel within the city? More than once a day. What Bangalore lacks is good roads within the city where people commute everyday to work, and not to some outskirt which is used for flying to some other part of the world, once or twice a year.

How much delay would be caused to reach the airport with a not so great expressway and a metro link? Half an hour or one hour on an average. The flights would, on an average, be delayed up to an hour not just during the foggy days of winter.

The BDA junction underpass model, Bangalore

Building the connectivity to the international airport is causing terrible inconvenience to commuters within the central parts of the city. In making the route from MG road to the Bangalore International Airport signal free, the north-central parts of Bangalore has become a mess with traffic diversion causing total chaos with riders going on footpaths in certain residential areas. The BDA junction magic box under pass has made the life hell for millions of commuters on these roads. Adding to the problems of the commuters is the road widening at Race course road, and along the golf course.

These are the projects which had to be taken one at a time over a few months, are taken up all at once trying to finish everything in a month or two. Delay in opening of the new Airport adds the time limit. The incapable, only money-minded coalition government with betrayal by Gowda and sons gave no interest in answering the traffic issues either in the city or to connect to the International Airport, construction of which started a good two years ago. Hope a clear majority in the current elections will form a stable and sensible government.

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