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North East Monsoon

The increase in the temperature i felt in Bangalore after coming back from Coorg was making me uncomfortable. ‘Feels like summer’ i uttered, walking to lunch in the scorching sun.

I read a news article that the rise in temperature at the end of South-West monsoon before the onset of North-East monsoon was usual, and higher the rise in temperature more the downpour would be. Couldn’t agree more, after the showers on Wednesday night.

I left office by about 9pm, there was no hint of rain in Indiranagar at that time. The roads were relatively free of traffic, i reached the Queens road in about 10 minutes. I could see the wet roads there, ‘it must have rained heavily here’ i thought. Still cruising smoothly i reached Race course road. Light drizzle started by that time. As i neared Shivananda Circle, heavy showers lashed. The downpour was nothing like i had seen in quite few years. Roads were jammed. Riders taking shelter in the available spaces, under trees and bus stops, parking their two-wheelers haphazardly on road added more woes to the traffic. I rode in the pouring showers, my nike jacket and Starflash helmet providing enough protection. My low ankle Adidas shoes were drenched in rising water as i moved crawling in the snail paced traffic.

The water was about 1 feet at the underpass near Ceegees. The ride was really bumpy with uneven manholes covers, potholes, and ditches. The Barapole at some parts had lesser water and rafting was less bumpy! The picture below shows an Accent near that place.


The downpour was more stable past this place, but the arterial roads in central Bangalore were still chocked with Cars, Buses, and two-wheelers. Finally i reached home, totally drenched.

North East monsoon arrives, cooler Bangalore until summer. :)

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