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A short story

On the banks of a river, a childless sage was praying on a bright sunny morning. A small rat fell in to his hands from sky, dropping off the claws of a falcon above. The rat was alive and squeaking. The sage transformed the rat to a girl child. He took her to his home. His wife was delighted. They named her Roniya, meaning ‘joy of God’ in Hebrew, and raised her with great care, and zeal.

Years passed, Roniya grew up to be a beautiful young girl. Roniya’s adoptive parents wanted to get her married and asked her what kind of a boy she would be interested in. Roniya told them she wanted to marry the most powerful guy.

The sage thought Sun was the most powerful, and asked Roniya if she wanted to marry Sun. Roniya said “No.” The sage went to the Sun and asked “Aren’t you the most powerful of all?” The Sun replied “No, I am nothing when there are dark clouds covering.”

The sage asked Roniya if she wanted to marry Dark Cloud. She again said no. Surprised, the sage went to Dark Cloud and asked “Aren’t you the most powerful of all?” Dark Cloud said “No, I am just there as long as there is no wind, if the wind blows I’m gone!”

The sage thought Wind must be the powerful of all and asked Roniya if she wanted to marry Wind. Again, she said no. Perplexed, the sage went to Wind and asked “Aren’t you the most powerful?” Wind replied “No, No matter how hard i blow the tall mountains stop with ease”.

Sage was excited this time and asked Roniya if she wanted to marry the all powerful Mountain, who was better than Sun, Dark Cloud, and Wind. Roniya again said no. The sage was really confused, yet he didn’t say anything to Roniya. He went to Mountain and asked “Aren’t you the most powerful of all?” Mountain said “No. I may be strong in blocking the Wind, but there are these rats which drill and make holes creating burrows all over, wherever they want.”

Now the sage was enlightened and knew who the right choice was for Roniya. He knew Roniya would not say no this time. He went to her and asked if she wanted to marry a rat. Roniya jumped with joy and said “Yes!”

The sage transformed Roniya to a rat and he got her married to a rat. The rats lived happily ever after! :)

Moral of the story: A rat would only like to be with a rat, not any better. (or any worse? :P)

P.S.: Story i heard from my mom, sources not confirmed. No copyrights.


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