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Beyond the usual,

How far would i go into the unknown?

With broken dreams,

Where do i run away from here?


Thoughts prevail to haunt,

Where do i find solace?

Drive of the destiny overcomes freewill

How can i hide me from myself?


Can’t seem to resurrect,

needing a revival

I’m heading nowhere,

Why do i wander here?


It is right that one can write poem only when emotional. This is my third, after Spid and Looking for.. Just for kicks, and some solace.

I’m totally stressed, not able to adequately comment on others’ blogs. I’m thinking of taking a break from blogging as the hits near 25,000 in less than 10 months. My first blog this, i started writing only to keep my mind off from something. Never expected to write something people would find worth reading. Thanks for featuring me thrice on Bangalore Mirror. Thanks to the reporter from NDTV for getting my blog featured on TV. A big hug for all the readers out here.

I’ll be back!

Current Mood: Stressed

Current Music: Anisutide yaako from Mungaaru Malhe

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Spid the spider caught my eye,

below the dark and cloudy sky.

She was weaving a stronger web,

working like a fearless deb.



I tried to capture her on my cam,

failing to focus to my sham.

I wished to have a D-SLR,

capturing her becoming a czar.



A stronger gust of wind i blew,

Spid raced to the center before my view.

Then I went back to my room,

wrote this poem to full bloom.


Yeah, it was an awesome sight, and that’s my first poem ever! :-)

Arachnophobics would disgust at me. But i love, not the spiders, doesn’t mean i hate them, their webs and the way they are built. The silken thread shimmering in the sunshine at dusk was enthralling. Going over and over the skeletal structure or the framework created earlier, Spid made a closely woven cobweb. No insect could escape this finely woven net. I so wanted to capture the work of Spid, but my 1MP 7610 camera was not good enough to get a good picture of the magnificent masterpieces these spiders create. The work was between two telephone wires outside my house (balcony? not sure if i can call that one). What made me look at that? Well, ask me personally. Anyway, there are many such moments i wanted to capture have gone in vain.

I want a DSLR, i so want one. I had almost bought the EOS 400D. My research on buying one in the last few months has put me on hold, not only for the exorbitant cost of the camera and its set of lenses but also for not having live preview. I don’t enjoy the viewfinder. I didn’t like the Olympus E-330. Canon EOS-1D Mark III and Nikon D300 are out of my league at this time.

So, the wait continues. Till there are more DSLRs with live preview, affordable by a humble techie coding standard si-pro algorithms.

Spid, hang around till then…..

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