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Who isn’t interested in music? If there are billions interested in just listening, there are at least a few millions who play, and there would be hundreds of thousands of bands. Most of them are amateur musicians wanting their talent to be heard. The audience they get are at a college fest or on a reality TV shows like American Idol. But how many get a second chance at such a stage? Almost none.

Muziboo‘Get an audience’ is the tagline of Muziboo.com, a start-up co-founded by Prateek, ex-colleague of mine. Muziboo is targeted at amateur musicians all over the world who want an audience, a critic or a reviewer. The best critic/audience one could earlier get were their friends, or family. Here you get to showcase your talents to many people sharing similar interests. You want a band member? Muziboo offers you the platform for you to hire someone for your band after listening to their music.

There are many with original compositions, and also there are people who have sung a popular number, wanting a feedback from peers on their singing. Though Muziboo doesn’t offer rating of the music, you can get a hint on the popular ones by looking at the ‘Most Played’ section.

For some negatives now. The notion of such a platform for amateur musicians is very impressive, but the website itself looks very amateurish. The site looks more like a web forum. Some blogs are better designed than Muziboo, in layout and design, and i’m sure many would agree with me. Why refer to other blogs, Prateek’s blog itself is more impressive than Muziboo in aesthetics and design. Though the KISS (Keep it simple stupid) principle is highly valued, Muziboo has to be more impressive in the design, for that’s the only thing that could catch an eye in the first look. Also, tag cloud is unimpressive. It is repeated in almost every tab of the site.

My rating for Muziboo: 4/5 for the idea, and 1/5 for the design, and this is something that they could work on to make it better. For the rest of the features you can check out Muziboo yourself.

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