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Hope is a good thing


It works like a miracle, it does work. Hope. I hope the image signifies hope.

I love power cuts, for it gives me time to relax, time away from surfing on computer, watching television, or reading some book . I used to love power cuts even in childhood. In those days, power cut in the evening meant no studies for that time. :)

Three day weekend, i’m off to NTP. Hope i have a great time.


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Fear of Failure

An uncomfortable feeling. Cognizance of a fear does not alleviate it. The consequences of failure may not be much in actual, but the perception and expectation from one’s own conscience of achieving the best makes the inexistent consequence seem unbearable. ‘Expectation’ is the real culprit. Seems like the one who is ignorant about the result of a task would be more remarkable in completing the task, and it happens more often than not for me.

Fear of failure causes trepidation, unwillingness to try, and do anything new. The fear causes you to be a mute spectator, devoid of the beautiful world out there remained to be explored. When you have taken a brave front in doing things, unsettling the usual and try to get a spark, failure at that stage is catastrophic. Fear of failure increases multi fold, and start feeling like a loser. I am a victim of this fear. I overcome at times, and i succumb to it at others. Fortunately, i overcome more often than not.

As the expectation increases, i try and deliver, and i do so better than expected at times. I work under pressure, i work the best may be. There are times when i don’t want to take up things, i don’t understand the reason for it, may be intuition, may be not, an inhibition of sort keeps me from taking it up and i keep procrastinating it. But circumstances are not the same all the time. I do push myself for the task some times, and put a conscious effort towards it. The uneasiness which were for the initial few steps don’t exist anymore as i see things getting underway. I keep working at the task in hand. Another task accomplished, i conquer the fear for now.

Sure, i do give the best shot i can for the things in my hand. But what about the ones that aren’t in my hand? The fear creeps in again. ‘Hope’ is one which could rescue me now. It has a miraculous way of keeping you motivated, happy, and going. Confidence may give you the drive, but it is hope that keeps you trying until you succeed. ‘Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things and no good thing ever dies’. Hope of a better tomorrow, tomorrow never dies.

Life indeed is beautiful, it is as you think.

P.S.: Lobster, and hope for many more! :D :)

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