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Rock on, Fahran Akhtar and Ritesh Sidwani’s latest production who’ve given some gems like Dil Chahta hai and Lakshya, have the producer himself as lead star in their latest venture.

Farhan plays the central character Aditya Shroff, who was the lyricist and singer of their Magik rock band in college with Joe (Arjun Rampal) as lead guitarist, Kedar Zaveri (Purab Kohli) as ‘killer’ drummer KD, and Rob Nancy ( Luke Kenny) on keyboard 10 years ago. They’ve broken up and are leading their lives in the same city without knowing each others existence until Aditya’s wife Sakshi (Prachi Desai) unknowingly meets one of the band members.

Aditya is a rich i-banker with successful career and married to Sakshi, Joe is a penny less guitaring genius with his college sweetheart turned wife Debbie (Sahana Goswami) struggling to make ends meet, KD failing miserably to woo girls sits at this dad’s jewellery shop and Rob is doing music sessions with Anu Malik.

Sakshi senses her husband is unhappy and discontent about something which is affecting their lives. She discovers some old photographs and video of Magik and is surprised to know another face, a happy face, of her husband. She plans to put together the band. The movie goes on, with glimpses of their past showing what went wrong, as they get together subsiding their egos to create the magik once again.

Movie theme, and screenplay reminds you of DCH with friends having fun, fighting over misunderstanding, and finally making up but Rock on doesn’t have a story as good as DCH. It’s kind of a mix between Jhankaar beats, and DCH. Music as you might have already heard is good, with amateurish lyrics and a bad voice of Fahran Akhtar.

The weak points are loose script on predictable lines with very little surprises. Does not have strong enough reason for the band to disassociate, and Aditya to break up with his then girlfriend, which was a totally unnecessary character i felt.

Acting by Fahran Akhtar is ok. He is impressive as a rock star but otherwise nothing great. Purab Kohli sizzles with his funny antics, and has got a good screen space since Bas yuh hi and has totally done justice to his role. Luke Kenny is fine. Arjun Rampal suits his character with expressionless straight face, and long hair guitarist. Sahana Goswami has portrayed a vulnerable wife and egoistic/possessive girlfriend’s role very well, and pretty Prachi Desai has carried her role quite graciously.

Overall a movie with good music which has been showcased spectacularly in the final show/competition. It might reignite passion for playing guitar. Watchable movie with second half better than the first, and i’d give ‘Rock On’ 3 out of 5.

Rating: 3/5

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